Why is My Knee Swollen ?

Steve Mora MD

Orange County Knee Specialist

KNEE SWELLING 101: How to tell apart a KNEE EFFUSION from swelling associated with a Prepatella BURSITIS. This is important to know because the approach for removing the fluid is different and one type of swelling is more serious than the other.

A EFFUSION is caused by pathology deep within the joint. For example, acute trauma such as an ACL tear or a fracture will lead to a effusion called a hemarthrosis. If the deep pathology is due to arthritis or a meniscus tear the effusion is made up of excessive synovial fluid build up. Regardless the fluid is located deep in the joint.

PREPATELLA BURSITIS presents a little differently. It’s usually due to direct impact or continuous pressure to the front of the knee. I see this in Jiu Jitsu fighters who make hard contact onto the mat with the front of their knee. I also see it in people who accidentally kneel down onto a small pebble or bump the knee on the edge of their desk. Bursitis is often confused with a knee effusion.

Patients with bursitis simply need to have the fluid removed and the problem will be solved. Sometimes you need to do this a couple of times.

Patients with a effusion need the fluid removed AND a MRI to determine the underline injury deep in the joint. I hope you enjoy the videos below.

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About Steve A. Mora MD:

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