Michael Bisping former UFC Middleweight Champion and Hall of Fame Inductee
Tony Ferguson former UFC Lightweight Champion
T.J. Dillashaw former two-time UFC Bantamweight Champion
David Taylor "The Magic Man" 2018 World Champion and 2020 Olympic Champion

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Steve A. Mora MD, FAAOS

Dr. Mora is a Board Certified and Fellowship trained Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon as well as a founding partner of the state-of-the-art Restore Orthopedics and Spine Center in Orange County, CA.

His areas of expertise include the latest innovations in surgical and non surgical techniques with a focus on joint saving procedures rather than replacement, when possible.  Specific areas of interest are Sports Trauma; Knee, Elbow, and Shoulder, Arthritis; and Regenerative Medicine.

He takes pride in making the correct diagnosis so that he can provide the best treatment options for his patients.

Dr. Mora works closely with the UFC and with other professional athletes. His work has refined a unique procedure, which he coined the PEC FLEX FIX, to reconstruct the chest wall in patients with chronic pectoralis major tears. This procedure has helped patients who are living with a chest wall deformity to live better lives. Dr. Mora is sought out by personal MMA fighters to treat an elbow condition which he’s coined the cauliflower elbow. He has helped many champion level UFC fighters regain elbow motion using a minimally orthoscopic technique.

Dr. Mora also focuses on other non-surgical treatment including Bone Marrow Stem Cell Injects, Platelet-Rich Plasma, Lipogems and other cutting edge Regenerative Medicine Options.

Dr. Mora also feels that his own experience as a trauma patient has allowed him to better understand his patient’s needs.

Dr. Mora has a unique eye for detail. He is a talented sketch artist and uses that same level of artistic attention to detail when he operates.  He believes in not just improving function after surgery but also maintaining aesthetics and symmetry.

Dr. Mora is the surgeon behind many UFC World Champions and Olympians.  He has a great track record of “Keeping the Pro in Athlete”.

For an appointment please call (714) 332-5498 or visit his social media page on Instagram and YouTube.

Out of Town and International Patients

For your convenience Dr. Mora is available to provide virtual educational sessions via telephone and/or video (Facetime, Skype or Zoom) conference sessions. This service is meant to provide you general educational information regarding various sports medicine topics intended to help you make better decisions regarding your medical care. Educational sessions are not covered by insurance.  To request information, schedule an appointment or schedule an education session please click below.  Thank you! 

Dr. Mora Specializes in

Sports Trauma ACL Reconstruction of the Knee, Rotator Cuff Repair of the Shoulder, Arthroscopy of the Elbow, Operative and Nonoperative Arthritis of the Knee, Partial Knee Replacement, Combat Sports Injury, and Regenerative Medicine.

Shoulder Arthroscopy


Elbow Arthroscopy

PRP and Stem Cells

Are you interested in Platelet-Rich Plasma or Stem Cell Treatments?

When choosing a physician to provide you treatment they need to put your interest ahead of theirs. The procedure is not the endpoint. The endpoint is your wellness.

Click on the link below to learn about Platelet-Rich Plasma, Adult Stem Cells and Lipogems.
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Dr. Mora is active on Social Media and is considered a top orthopedic surgeon influencer. In 2019 he was ranked as the third top orthopedic social medial influencer on Twitter. He encourages you to visit his social medial links below.

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Brigit L
Dr mora has been consistently reliable. I had a mystery knee injury for over a year that no doctor was willing to look in to. I had to take off from collegiate athletics because no treatment was working. Every doctor I went to brushed me off and told me it was tendinitis. I had 3 MRIs that only showed swelling. . .
Huntington Beach, CA
August 08, 2019
I saw Dr. Mora two days ago at LAX after 3.5 years had elapsed since my office visit. I cannot thank and praise him enough. I broke my ankle 6.5 years ago on Mt. San Jacinto; I thought it was not broken and limped for 1.5 years. Finally, I went to see three other doctors, and all asked how I could even walk on it. . .
Anaheim, CA
July 24, 2019
Amazing work, thank you very grateful to be back and ready to go!! I would highly recommend to any family or friends.
Las Vegas, NV
May, 02, 2019
Dr. Mora puts the patient first. He does a great job of explaining any concerns and discusses options to address them. He listens, then guides you in the right direction based on whats best for your particular situation. . .
Anaheim, CA
April 26, 2019
Victor C
I had a major tear on my left tricep muscle, which for me to date was the biggest injury I've had to date. He was beyond informative and helped reassure me throughout the entire process that with time and his guidance I'll be back in no time.
Garden Grove, CA
April 23, 2019

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Restore Orthopedics and Spine Center

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