Steve Mora MD

Orange County Knee Specialist

What thoughts run through my mind just before the cold sharp scalpel touches MY patient’s bare skin?

▶️ I will pause to collect my thoughts, take a gentle long breath and focus on the task at hand. The pause is not really noticeable. If you’re staring at my eyes you might notice a long blink. A long breath. And a deceleration of the scalpel as it heads towards the skin. I might even rest my hand on the patient.

I take this moment to contemplate the incredible privilege I have and the responsibility that comes with it. It’s not joke time. It’s not fun time. Its not time to play the OR music loud. It’s time to take care of business and do good.

In that split second, I think about how my patient has placed upon my shoulders their fears, concerns and their wishes for me to do good. At that moment their prayers and thoughts I sense; they give me clarity, confidence and calmness.

And just before the scalpel cuts and creates a flash of blood red I say a short prayer and ask God to guide me and help me do my best; to keep my hands steady; to keep my mind sharp; to help me fulfill the promise that I made to MY patient- to help them have a successful surgery. To keep them safe. To do good.

All that when I pause.