A PAIN IN THE MOUTH: One of my post- surgical patients presented one week after surgery with painful white lesions in his mouth. They hurt worse than his freshly operated knee! He had been on the usual post op antibiotics after his surgery. So what’s going on in his mouth. What are those white plaques ??????????????????????? It’s just Oral Thrush, i.e., Candida Albicans. __________________________________ Drugs such as prednisone, inhaled corticosteroids, or antibiotics that disturb the natural balance of microorganisms in your body can increase your risk of oral thrush. Antibiotics alter the balance of good vs bad bacteria. When favorable bacteria are killed by antibiotics Candida albicans, an opportunistic yeast, sets up camp. • The treatment for mild to moderate infections in the mouth or throat is usually an antifungal medicine applied to the inside of the mouth for 7 to 14 days. These medications include clotrimazole, miconazole, or nystatin. Once the local bacterial flora is back in balance it will resolve. Hope this info helps. Cheers. #MoraMD #mmaDoc __________________________________________

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