Can You Still Walk If You Have An Ankle Fracture? 

Steve Mora MD

Orange County Sports Medicine Specialist

Folklore has it that if you rolled your ankle and you can still walk you do not have a fracture.   That’s not always the case

Just because you can apply weight after a twisting injury to your ankle doesn’t mean everything is fine. This 51 yo patient sustained a low energy ground-level injury to his ankle. Basically he stepped on a small stone and rolled the ankle. He had immediate swelling and pain. The presentation was similar to a bad ankle sprain. The X-Ray showed a lateral malleolus tip avulsion fracture.

It’s comparable to a severe ankle sprain however it’s a bit more serious. It’s important to treat these cases with cast or boot immobilization until the fracture heals. If the small fracture becomes displaced it might lead to chronic ankle instability. What that means is that you will have recurrent ankle sprains.

The learning lesson here is that if you twist your ankle and you have severe swelling it’s always a good idea to get an X-Ray, EVEN IF YOU CAN WALK. It may make a big difference in how the injury is treated and it’s ultimate result.

By the way you can always walk into our Restore Urgent Care during normal business hours, without a appointment, and get an X-Ray.

About Dr Mora:

About Steve A. Mora MD:

Dr. Mora is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Restore Orthopedics and Spine Center in Orange County.
He specializes in:

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-Arthritis of the Knee

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-First Responder Injuries

-Regenerative Medicine:Lipogems, Bone Marrow Stem Cells, Plasma therapy.

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