My Painful Knee- a personal story


Orange County Orthopedic Surgeon

My legs were severely injured when I was hit by a bus. I survived; however my legs were left permanently damaged. I received charitable care at @shrinershospitals @lashriners. The whole experience of being a patient was life-changing in so many ways. It led to my decision to become an orthopedic surgeon and as a physician to provide charitable care doing medical missions. I believe in the practice of “paying it forward”. •It’s not all good news however; I suffer from post traumatic arthritis of my low back, hips, knees, and ankles. I have had most injectable options for pain that including stem cells, Lipogems, and Platelet Rich Plasma. If they work for me they might work for my patients. Recently I tried acupuncture on my knee and low back. It helped with the pain almost immediately with a semi-short lasting effect most likely because I only had one treatment. Chronic conditions require multiple ones. I think it’s worth a go for patients suffering from pain and who want to try a different approach with few side effects. I offer one warning: Make sure you have a solid understanding of what’s causing the pain so see your physician first. Hope this info helped. If you liked this story please share link.


Did you know? Acupuncture (the insertion of sterile needles at specific body points) has been around for approximately 3000 years! It’s thought to treat pain by releasing your body’s very own pain-fighting chemicals. #mmadoc #moraMD #hope #painmanagement #acupuncture #orangecounty #prp __________________________________________

▶️Dr. Mora is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Restore Orthopedics and Spine Center in Orange County.

He specializes in:

-Sports Trauma -Arthroscopy of the knee, shoulder, hip and elbow.

-Arthritis of the Knee

-Mixed Martial Arts Injuries

-First Responder Injuries

-Regenerative Medicine:Lipogems, Bone Marrow Stem Cells, Plasma therapy.

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