Shoulder Labral Repair Basic Concepts

Steve Mora MD

Orange County Shoulder Specialist

People sometimes compare us Orthopedic Surgeons to woodworkers. The similarities between us and woodworkers go well beyond hammers and drills. In order to be a successful shoulder arthroscopist one has to adhere to sound woodworking principles. When repairing torn structures such as the torn labrum one must: 1️⃣ Prepare the two surfaces (roughen with shaver), 2️⃣ Use the best glue you can find (patient selection w good healing potential) 3️⃣ Evenly compress with wood clamps (multiple well placed and tied suture anchors) and 4️⃣ Hold still until it heals (sling immobilization x 6 was usually). That’s it. Pretty basic right? Btw I was a certified wood manufacturing apprentice while at Anaheim High School. Not kidding!!

Dr Mora Youtube Labral Repair Video

▶️Dr. Mora is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Restore Orthopedics and Spine Center in Orange County.

He specializes in:

-Sports Trauma -Arthroscopy of the knee, shoulder, hip and elbow.

-Arthritis of the Knee

-Mixed Martial Arts Injuries

-First Responder Injuries

-Regenerative Medicine:Lipogems, Bone Marrow Stem Cells, Plasma therapy.

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