Treating Patients and Not Treating the MRI-That can be Challenging

Steve Mora MD

Orange County Orthopedic Doctor

Treating Patients and Not Treating the MRI-That can be challenging. An MRI sometimes doesn’t identify the problem causing pain but on the other hand it can also over diagnose causes for pain. I find that the most important diagnostic tools are our eyes, ears and finger. When interviewed properly a patient will often help you identify the area that is painful. The key is to have the patient pinpoint the spot that bothers them. The next step is doing a meticulous exam which goes beyond checking basic text book maneuvers. This includes observation and palpating. Although it might seem like I am simplifying the physician role it’s actually not that easy. In the case below the MRI underestimated the true problem. Eye: The patient pin pointed pain to front of his knee. Ear: The history was consistent with anterior trauma. Finger: The exam was consistent with a Patella Femoral Joint injury. I hope this info was helpful. 

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