The Importance of Stretching

Steve Mora MD

Orange County Sports Medicine Specialist

Stretching my “hamies” en route to Arizona.

If you’ve ever seen me as a patient you’ve probably heard me say that stretching is the fountain of youth. It’s not enough to do weight training and aerobic workouts for maintaining vigor and youthfulness. Stretching helps to keep joints limber and helps to maintain a natural healthy upright posture.

I tell my patients that we are fighting gravity on a daily basis. Gravity is trying to fold us in half like a pocket knife. By stretching you are able to maintain the natural contours of the spine. It also helps to maintain the tissue around the joints pliable and in doing so joint stresses are decreased. The likelihood of wear or degeneration is potentially lessened. Stretching also helps to decrease joint pain.

So if you’ve been sitting most of the day today get up and stretch.

Btw I posted a nice short clip on IG and YouTube on how to stretch your shoulders.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

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