Dr. Steve Mora MD Post-Op Information for Shoulder Arthroscopy

The abnormal findings were:___________________________________and the procedure performed was:______________________________________________________________________

Bandages/Wound care: Remove bandages on Friday or _______. Wash your hands first. Leave the skin strips on. It is OK to shower Friday. After the shower, dry off the incisions with a clean dry towel and then redress with band-aids and large gauze held with tape. Do not submerge (bath, Jacuzzi) the surgical site for 2 weeks after the surgery. As long as the wounds are open or moist they must be covered with gauze or band-aids.

Post-op BLOCK of the whole arm: It is normal for the whole arm including the fingers to be numb for up to 1-2 days. The finger tips may be tingling or numb.Activity: Rest with the arm on 3 pillows the first 3 days. It is OK to remove the sling for showers and sponge bathing. Sleeping semi-sitting with lots of pillows may help. Take Tyl PM to help you sleep. PT will begin 1-2 weeks after surgery and will arranged at your first return visit. You can usually return to work 2wks after surgery for a sedentary office job. 2 months off for physically demanding jobs. Driving may begin once you are able to safely steer and shift. This could take up to 2-4 weeks

Sling: Used 2-6 wks depending on the type of surgery performed. Wear during sleep. It is OK to remove the sling to do gentle flexion extension motion of your elbow and to apply under-arm deodorant.

Cane after simple scopes are used on the opposite hand for 7 days even if you don’t think you need it. The PT will begin within 1-2 weeks after surgery. Start your home exercises the night of surgery and do daily. Apply full weight on your leg. Driving may begin once you are able to safely steer and shift safely and without pain. This could take up to 2-4 weeks. Work: Return to a sedentary job (office) 7 days after surgery and physically hard jobs after 2 weeks for simple scopes and after 4-6 weeks for ACL surgery.

Swelling is undesired. If you have a Cold Therapy Unit use it as much as possible. Apply ice packs for 30 minutes, remove for 30 minutes then repeat 5 times a day, continue for next 5 days.

Remove and discard your Pain Pump on _______. The pump has to be removed on this day or you risk developing a serious infection. Undo the tape holding the tube down and pull the tube gently. This will not hurt. Apply a band-aid over the little puncture hole.

Medication: One anti-inflammatory drug (Celebrex, Naprosyn, Voltaren) can be taken once a day 1 wk after surgery. Tyl ES may be taken anytime. Stop these medications immediately and alert us if you experience stomach pain or your bowel movements turn black. Vicodin, Hydrocodone or other narcotics are taken for severe pain only “as needed”. Narcotics cause drowsiness and therefore should not be taken while driving a car. They also cause constipation so drink lots of water, prune juice or over the counter stool softeners. Take Tyl PM to help you sleep.

Please call Dr. Mora if: The incision turns red and start to drain cloudy fluid (small amount of drainage the first week is normal). Unrelenting Pain. It is normal to have a low grade fever (under 100.0) the first 3 days after surgery. Call if Fever more than 101.0 F). Although it is normal to have a moderate amount of hand and finger swelling after shoulder surgery. Nausea and vomiting can also be normal the first 2 days after surgery. It is OK to take over the counter nausea medicine.

You should proceed to the nearest emergency room if: You experience a rapid fast paced heart-rate, chest pain, unrelenting pain or difficulty catching your breath. Dr. Mora is usually available over the phone. Ask specifically for him when going through the office operator.