Range of Motion* Sling Therapeutic Exercises**
Phase I
0-4 wks
Active/Active-assist: Stretch to 40° ER and 140° of Forward Flexion. Internal Rotation as tolerated. Sling to be worn at all times except for hygiene and exercises. Wrist/Hand ROM, Grip strengthening, isometric abduction, external/internal rotation exercises with elbow at side, gentle elbow ROM.
Phase II
4-8 wks
Increased Forward Flexion, Internal and External rotation to full motion as tolerated. Overhead athletes should focus on reaching maximal Internal Rotation.* None

Advance isometrics exercises in Phase I to the use of Theraband. Continue with wrist/hand ROM and grip strengthening. Begin prone extensions, and scapular stabilization exercise, and gentle joint mobs.

Phase III
8-12 wks
Progress to active full motion without discomfort. Teach good Posterior Capsule stretch technique in overhead athletes.* None Advance Theraband exercises to the use of weights. Continue with Phase II exercises and begin upper body ergometer.
Phase IV
12 wks-6 months****
Full motion without discomfort. None Advance exercises in phase III. Begin functional progression to work/sport, return to previous activity level.***

*Patient is required to complete stretching exercises 3 times per day.
** 6-8 weeks is required for healing of biceps labrum, therefore avoid activities that stress the repair (active biceps exercises)
***Patients may return to weight room at 3 months if approved by MD
****Patient may return to competitive sports including contact sports by 6 months if approved.