Range of Motion Sling Therapeutic Exercises
Phase I
0-4 wks
Passive ROM to tolerance. Maintain elbow at mid-axillary line while supine. Limit IR with arm at 90° abduction to 40° and behind back to T12. Sling or abduction pillow for 4 wks at all times. Codman’s elbow/wrist/hand ROM, grip strengthening, isometric scapular stabilization. Scapular stretching. Pec minor stretch.
Phase II
4-8 wks

4-6 wks: Gentle passive stretch to 140° FF, ER 40° at side, Abd 60°-80°, Increase IR at 90° to 60° and behind back to T7-T8.

6-8 wks: Increase ROM to tolerance


4-6 wks: Begin gentle active assistive active exercises, begin gentle joint mobs.

6-8 wks: Biceps* strengthening.Rotator cuff isometric strengthening at 12 wks. Cont Active ROM until wk 12.

Phase III
8-12 wks
Progress to full motion None Scapular strengthening/stabilization, continue biceps, at 12 wks begin IR/ER Rotator Cuff isometrics, stretch post capsule when arm is warmed up.
Phase IV
12 wks-5 months
Full without discomfort None Advance exercises. Begin sports-specific activities, maintain flexibility, increase velocity of motion, return to sports activities.**

*If biceps tenodesis is concomitantly performed, NO biceps strengthening until 8 weeks post-operatively.