Range of Motion* Immobilizer Therapeutic Exercises
Phase I
0-6 wks
Active/Active assist: To 40°  external rotation & 140°  of forward flexion.  Internal rotation as tolerated. Worn at all times except for hygiene and therapeutic exercises. Elbow/wrist/hand ROM, & grip strengthening. Isometric abduction and external/internal rotation exercises with elbow at side.  Advance isometrics to use of a theraband at week 4.
Phase II
6-12 wks
Increase forward flexion and internal/external rotation to full motion as tolerated. None

Continue the use of theraband.  Continue ROM exercises and grip strengthening.  Progress theraband exercises to the use of weights.  Begin prone extensions, and scapular stabilization exercises.

Phase III
12wks**-6 months***
Full without discomfort None Advance exercises in phase II.  Begin functional progression to work/sports, return to previous activity level**.

* patient is required to complete stretching exercises 3 times per day.
** patient may return to weight room at 3 months if approved.
*** patient may return to competitive sports, including contact sports by 6 months if approved.