Hotel recommendation: Ayres Hotel in Orange, CA
Room rates $180 standard in some cases they give discounts for patients having surgery done at Saint Joseph hospital.

200 The City Dr N, Orange, CA 92868
Anepalco’s Restaurant is next door to hotel. This is one of Dr Mora’s favorite restaurants.

Recommend travel days:
Fly on either Sunday or Monday. In most cases patients are seen on Monday for a preoperative visit, any additional laboratory tests can be done on Tuesday.

Surgery is usually scheduled on Wednesday or Thursday. A postoperative check can be done on Friday or following Monday.

Dr Mora prefers that patients stay over the weekend so that he can watch the progress of the wound to make sure there are no infections before patients leave town.

The postoperative check is done virtually 5 to 7 days after surgery.

Patients who have increased risks for blood clots (DVT) are recommended to purchase rechargeable leg squeezers which can decrease the risk of blood clots and also decrease the swelling that can occur with flying. Dr. Mora can facilitate this in his office.

Patients are also recommended to use continuous call therapy units. These can be purchased on Amazon or Dr. Mora can facilitate this on the preoperative visit.

Dr Mora will make himself available by cell phone for all patients who are traveling.
We are always available for patients who are coming in from out of town to help make their visit and treatment as smooth as possible.

Please let us know if we can help.