Expert Telephone Educational Sessions


If you have an orthopedic medical condition which requires you to have additional knowledge before making informed treatment decisions Dr. Mora might be able to help.

Dr. Mora is able to communicate with selective individuals to discuss specific topics in orthopedics.  These expert  sessions are best done by phone and not by email.  There might be cases out of his scope of expertise which he will not be able to assist.


About Dr. Mora

Dr. Mora specializes in surgical and non-surgical treatment of sports related conditions affecting the knee, shoulder, and the elbow.  He is an expert in arthroscopic surgery including complex revision (re-do) surgery of the shoulder and the knee.  He is fellowship trained in Sports Medicine with a strong knowledge base regarding meniscus, ACL, LCL, articular cartilage, patella instability,  microfracture, rotator cuff, labral tears, instability, arthritis, cartilage resurfacing, platelet rich plasma, bone marrow stem cell treatment and Lipogems adipose tissue transfer.  He is also an expert in the management of injuries which occur in martial arts and combat sports.  He has written numerous book chapters on these topics. Dr. Mora is also highly knowledgeable and helpful in treating Workers Compensation injuries involving Police officers and Firefighters.

His true strength however lies in his diligence to find out the root cause of pain.

Dr. Mora wants to assure you that his goal is to provide you educational information that will be easy to understand and utilized.  This is what he does when he sees patients in his busy practice.  He will focus on helping you.

Potential Goals and Benefits

Make the most informed decision about your healthcare or that of a loved one

Ask about your diagnosis and if it seems reasonable or if more studies are needed

Ensure your treatment plan is optimal for you based on your age, needs, hobbies, occupation.

Learn more about your condition;  Knowledge that can help with future decision making and planning.

Learn about new, innovative treatment options which may or may not have been offered.

Ask additional questions.  Dr. Mora will take his time to answer all your questions. You will have the full 30 minutes of time.

Steps to set up an Expert Educational Telephone Session:

Please read the information below carefully.  Do not request an Expert Telephone Educational Session unless you are in full agreement with the terms below.

1- Send Dr. Mora an email at with a very brief explanation of your questions regarding your problem.  Please keep if short.  You will be able to provide details when you speak to him. Please include:
Your name, age, relevant hobbies or occupation, mechanism of injury, diagnosis if available and questions.

2- Do not send pictures or reports.  He will review images, if available, at time of the live session.

3- If Dr. Mora feels he can help, he will reply by email within 72 hours.  A date and time for the telephone call will be established. Dr. Mora is extremely busy during the week so it will be after hours (after 6pm) or on a weekend.  He is usually able to schedule these sessions within 2 weeks from the original request.  Please know that his current wait time in his clinic is 4-6 weeks.

4- The fee for a 30 minutes telephone session with Dr. Mora is $300.00. The minimum time is 30 minutes. The amount is paid before the session starts.  It is a non refundable charge.  Please review Dr. Mora’s on-line reviews on Google, FB, and Yelp so that you can have the confidence and comfortable that he will do his best to help.   Dr. Mora’s assistant will provide you a PayPal payment link.

5- Dr. Mora would like to have the option of doing a video call.  He feels that video allows better communication and also allows viewing of the anatomical areas of concern.  Facetime will be preferred.  If you have studies such as an MRI or X-rays you will have the option of mailing a non returnable CD with the images to his office or viewing them along with Dr. Mora on your computer during the Face time video call.  Be sure to have the written MRI reports  and operative reports available for the session.

6-  You must understand that Dr. Mora is providing you educational information regarding a particular problem which you have been told you have or might have.  He might not be able to confirm your diagnosis without an exam or other studies.  Therefore the information he provides you is only as good as the information you provide him.


We hope that you find this service helpful.  We hope that you are able to get the information that you need to improve your life and medical situation.

-Dr. Mora’s clinic team