Operative Hip Arthroscopy

Book Chapter: Extra-articular Sources of Hip Pain

In this book chapter, Orthopaedic Surgeons Steve A. Mora MD, Bert Mandelbaum MD, and William Meyers MD et. al. focus on major problems involving the groin and hip. There is a special section devoted to athletic pubalgia and hip Joint Rehabilitation. The details of a non-operative pubalgia rehabilitation program is shared. This chapter is part of a greater body of work in the textbook Operative Hip Arthroscopy Edited by Dr. J.W. Thomas Byrd

About the Book: The rationale for a second edition of Operative Hip Arthroscopy is well developed. The technique continues to evolve and represent fertile ground for a new edition. There is also a considerable amount of new information that needs to be shared with surgeons and residents who are performing this innovative procedure.

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