Wife of C.S.

“Dr Mora is someone I would recommend  I am the wife of one of his patient and I interview Dr Mora prior to him seeing my husband.  He did not hesitation in giving me his experience in knee surgery and in how many surgery he done on knees and  how long he been a doctor in this field and what hospital he is associated with I was very satisfy with his answers.

How many doctors  do you know would take the time to answers these questions and not feel belittle by a layperson questioning his experience!

His Office staff members are highly professional and very helpful and I am thankful to them.
But most of all I am thankful that Dr. Mora was my husband doctor because my husband is walking now and able to go back to work. I thank the lord for giving Dr. Mora this talent and his caring attitude toward his patients.”

Wife of C.S.Huntington Beach, CA

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