Patient Testimonial: Orange County PRP and Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis

Orange County PRP and Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis:   The following is a patient testimonial regarding PRP and Stem cell injection treatment for arthritis of the knee.  The adult stem cells are derived from bone marrow taken from the pelvis.   Dr. Mora utilizes a bone marrow aspiration technique which is very comfortable, safe and efficient.   Dr. Mora offers patients both surgical and non surgical options for the treatment of knee arthritis.  Dr. Mora is a knee specialist in Orange County who specializes in athletic and combat injuries of the shoulder, knee, elbow, and hip

Sergio posted on Yelp:
I would like to highly recommend Dr. Mora. He operated on my nephew’s shoulder in less than 3 moths, my nephew was surfing again and stronger than ever.  For over ten years, I had a bad shoulder so when finally I decided to operate the shoulder, I had Dr. Mora perform the operation. After the operation, my shoulder felt good, during the first three months, I never felt any pain. Two years later, my right shoulder is better then my “good” shoulder. I should have done it years before.  I live in China. I had two knee operations on my left knee. After the second one, my knee never felt normal. It felt like there was still something wrong. I went to see Dr. Mora.  He examined me and listen to what my goals were for my life style physical activity. He talked to me about the various options available. He recommended a Stem Cell shot.  I read all the material he provided and decided to get the stem cell shot. Afterwards, the first week my knee felt tight. When it went away, my knee felt better than the past 20 years. It now feels normal like before the first operation.

I highly recommend DR. Mora as he cares about the patient’s life style and will try to do everything to make it a reality. So if you need an Orthopedic Surgeon, do your research, get the various opinions and lastly go see Dr. Mora. He will tell you what you need and not what is the easiest solution for someone else.

Patient Testimonial: Orange County PRP and Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis

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