“I have been a patient of Dr Mora’s since 2004 when he replaced my left knee. Since then I have returned to see Dr Mora on several (many) other issues.  Dr Mora has taken the time to clearly explain the circumstance of the problem, the recommended treatment and possible outcomes.  I have followed his advice and every treatment was perfect and outcome better than expected. Sometimes the wait time is longer than expected, but I know that Dr Mora probably has had an emergency or difficult treatment situation.  I know that I appreciate the time Dr Mora takes with me to explain exactly what the situation is.  He provides me ample time to question and make my decisions.

All of Dr Mora’s recommendations have been spot-on and the results have been excellent. Unlike some other Surgeons, Dr Mora examines the patient and seeks the treatment that is best for me, (the patient) and not necessarily is the treatment surgery.  Several years ago, I saw Dr Mora to start the process of the right knee replacement. We discussed this option and Dr Mora recommended that I try as a last resort the series of injections.  This treatment has postponed the surgery indefinitely.

Last week I saw Dr Mora for treatment of a “trigger-finger”.  Previously I had this on the left hand index finger and had surgery to repair the “trigger-finger”.  I was prepared to go to surgery on this right hand “trigger-finger”.  Instead, Dr Mora recommended that I consider a new procedure that he has used for about one year.  This is an office procedure, almost painless, and is completed in a few minutes. My “trigger-finger” is gone, I have had no side effects and no pain in the hand and no future surgery to dread. Consider this, this is a Surgeon recommending a simple office procedure instead of surgery.

I know this post is long winded and probably boring, but someone looking for a “whole person” a caring surgeon and a man who gives back to society, then Dr Mora is for you. He knows the value of Doctor-Patient relationships and practices it to perfection.”

L.K.Huntington Beach, CA

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