“I saw that one of his patients had to wait an hour to see him and that this had knocked down the review rating for Dr. Mora.  In this industry, that is actually acceptable and I really think that the patient should have stuck to the overall ability and outcome of his experince with Dr. Mora and not complain about the wait because he has no control over that, but I digress….

I had three unsuccessful orthroscopic meniscus surgeries with two other doctors (not Dr. Mora) and, unfortunately, I was “bone on bone”.   He took the time to tell me my options and what kind of outcome I could expect.   He was to the point and I found that refreshing, so I decided to have TKR on my left knee.  This was in April 2011.

I am 61 years old and I couldn’t be happier!   Yes, at first with the rehabilitation it was a stuggle, but I knew I had to do my best. Within 2 months i am playing “easy” handball, then from there, within six months, I am doing most everyhting better then before,, with little or no restrictions.

Dr. Mora and a great surgeon and, again, I never expected to be this athletic, again, but thanks to his surgical skills, I am doing better than I ever expected!  I am also off the pain and anti-infammatory pills!

Thank you Dr. Mora for giving me my life back!!”

G.C.La Habra, CA

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