“Dr Mora is a very very excellent doctor He took his time with me and I know that is very hard to find a doctor who will sit with you and discuss your medical needs to the extend he goes through.

Doctor Mora after seeing my x- rays he then show them to me and started to explain to me the necessary procedure to repair such damage he even went so far as to draw a diagram for me to show were exactly the damage was and it turn out it  was worse than what he saw on the x-ray you never know how bad your injury is until it is repair.
This doctor I would recommend very highly he really cares about his patients he does not make you feel like you just visited a $10 HMO doctor  in a revolving door and we all know those doctors.

I understand why the wait time was a little longer than usual it because he is getting your whole picture of medical needs and wants to make sure you fully understand
the surgery you are going to go through and when you go for follow up you see your doctor not a physician assistance  who job is to get your out ASAP. Dr Mora still give you the same care and discussion on your healing after surgery.  So I am glad I waited the extra time to see him.   Is this not what we all seek in all of are doctors you cannot fine a better caring and understanding doctor than Dr. Steve A Mora I am walking and feeling better because of him  I just wish he could be my primary doctor.”

C.S.Huntington Beach, CA

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