Shoulder Post-op Exercises

Shoulder – 26 Range of Motion Excercises
(Codman’s Exercises): Pendulum (Lockwise/counterclockwise)
codmans exercises
Let arm move in a circle clockwise then counterclockwise by rocking body weight in a circular pattern.

Repeat _____ times.

Do _____ sessions per day

Shoulder – 3 Range of Motion Exercises
(Wand activities): External/Internal Rotation
wand activities
Hold wand with involved side palm up, push with uninvolved side (palm down) out from body while keeping elbow at side until you feel a stretch.  Then pull back across body leading with uninvolved side.  Be sure to keep elbows bent.

Hold _____ seconds. Repeat _____ times.

Do _____ sessions per day.

Shoulder – 25 Range of Motion
(Codman’s Exercises): Pendulum (side-to-side)
codmans exercises pendulum
Gently move arm from side to side by rocking body weight from side to side.  Let arm swing freely.

Repeat _____ times.

Do _____ sessions/day.

Shoulder – 8 Range of Motion Exercises
(Self-stretching activities): Flexion (alternate)
self stretching activities
Slide arm up wall with palm toward you by moving closer to wall.

Hold _____ seconds.

Repeat _____ times.

Do _____ sessions per day.


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