Shoulder Arthroscopy- Decompression (No Rotator Cuff Repair)

Range of Motion Immobilizer Therapeutic Exercises
Phase I
0-4 wks
ROM Goals: 140° FF40° ER at sideIR behind back with gentle post. capsule stretching.No abduction or 90° /90° ER until 4-8 wks post op.

0-2 wks: Sling to be worn for comfort only.

2-4 wks: Discontinue sling

Grip strengthening, pulley/canes, elbow/wrist/hand ROM, Codman’s. No resisted motions
Phase II
4-8 wks
Increased ROM as tolerated.ROM Goals:160° FF60° ER at sideIR behind back with gentle post. capsule stretching and at 90° of abduction None

Light isometric with arm at side, rotator cuff, and deltoid. Advance to Therabands as tolerated, passive stretching at end ranges to maintain flexibility.

Phase III
8-12 wks
Progress to full motion None Advance strengthening as tolerated, begin eccentrically resisted motions and closed chain activities.

*If DCR is performed, horizontal adduction is restricted for 8 weeks post-op


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