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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men Testosterone is the principal male hormone responsible for all things ‘Male’.  Like all steroid hormones, testosterone is derived from cholesterol and serves to regulate cellular metabolism and overall body function.  Some of the things that testosterone is responsible for include maintaining muscle mass, strength, libido,...
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What Makes a Meniscus Tear Bad?

By Steve Mora MD Orange County Knee Specialist Not all meniscus tears require surgery. The ones that do are those that are displaced and are causing painful catching and locking. • • In this particular case the patient presented with sharp stabbing pain that came on abruptly after playing soccer....
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A PAIN IN THE MOUTH: One of my post- surgical patients presented one week after surgery with painful white lesions in his mouth. They hurt worse than his freshly operated knee! He had been on the usual post op antibiotics after his surgery. So what’s going on in his mouth....
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My Painful Knee- a personal story

STEVE MORA MD Orange County Orthopedic Surgeon My legs were severely injured when I was hit by a bus. I survived; however my legs were left permanently damaged. I received charitable care at @shrinershospitals @lashriners. The whole experience of being a patient was life-changing in so many ways. It led...
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How to Deal with Knee Stiffness. Another option.

STEVE Mora MD Orange County Knee Specialist THIS DEVICE MIGHT HELP IF YOU CANNOT FULLY EXTEND YOUR KNEE: Can you say “Extensionator” without sounding like Arnold @schwarzenegger ? ▶️ Loss of knee extension can cause a multitude of problems including an abnormal walking pattern, anterior knee pain, patellofemoral arthritis,...
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Shoulder Labral Repair Basic Concepts

Steve Mora MD Orange County Shoulder Specialist People sometimes compare us Orthopedic Surgeons to woodworkers. The similarities between us and woodworkers go well beyond hammers and drills. In order to be a successful shoulder arthroscopist one has to adhere to sound woodworking principles. When repairing torn structures such as the...
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Shoulder Arthroscopy a Surgical Symphony

By Steve Mora MD Orange County Shoulder Specialist Shoulder Arthroscopy can be very challenging. Success depends on an infinite number of details. Everything from positioning, anesthetic, pump, portal trajectories, traction vectors, shavers, cautery and much more needs upmost attention. ▶️ It’s like an orchestra. Everyone has an important part! Not...
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