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Why is My Knee Swollen ?

Steve Mora MD Orange County Knee Specialist  KNEE SWELLING 101: How to tell apart a KNEE EFFUSION from swelling associated with a Prepatella BURSITIS. This is important to know because the approach for removing the fluid is different and one type of swelling is more serious than the other.   A...
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Ayacucho Mission 2017

By Shannon Abi Mora This past June my father and I went on a Medical Mission to Peru. It was the best father daughter experience ever.  We met up with a group of other medical providers who were also volunteering in the Ayacucho Mission – PAMS. We were part of a...
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What Does Arthritis Look Like ?

DOC, WHAT DOES ARTHRITIS LOOK LIKE?  Steve Mora MD Orange County Knee Specialist  I wish I could answer that question with just a couple of sentences. But I cannot. There is no easy way to answer this question.  Arthritis is a degenerative condition of the joint which leads to numerous...
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By Steve Mora MD Orange County Knee Specialist ON THE TOPIC KNEE PAIN WITH A NEGATIVE MRI.  It’s not unusual for patients who are suffering with knee pain to have a “negative” MRI. This situation is relatively common. In cases of a strain or inflammation the MRI may indeed be...
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