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Stem Cells and PRP for Treating Arthritis

Steve Mora MD Orange County Orthopedic Surgeon Arthritis Specialist I did some stem cell and platelet rich plasma injections today to treat a patient with severe arthritis. The stem cells were harvested from my patients pelvis bone. I use the Emcyte cell concentrating system provided by the company BioRich. Harvesting...
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Police Officer Unloading Vests

Steve Mora MD Orange County Orthopaedic Surgeon I’m very excited about the new unloading utility vest being tested by the Anaheim Police Department. For years Police Officers have struggling with neck pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, low back pain and hip pain. It’s been suspected that the heavy utility...
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Surgical Treatment of Calcific Tendinitis and Rotator Cuff Tears- A Live Surgery Demonstration

By Steve Mora MD Orange County Shoulder Specialist Calcific tendinitis of the shoulder is a condition which usually presents with abrupt onset pain, stiffness and inflammation. It is a condition which involves the rotator cuff tendon. The pain is usually located over the outer and posterior aspect of the shoulder....
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Why is My Knee Swollen ?

Steve Mora MD Orange County Knee Specialist KNEE SWELLING 101: How to tell apart a KNEE EFFUSION from swelling associated with a Prepatella BURSITIS. This is important to know because the approach for removing the fluid is different and one type of swelling is more serious than the other. A...
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