Regarding Steve A. Mora, MD Shoulder Dislocation Specialist on Google: “Dr. Mora took care of my shoulder dislocation which happened while training MMA. He spent a lot of time explaining my injury and gave me treatment options. I saw 2 other local surgeons and liked him the most. I chose to have surgery with him and everything went great. He made himself available throughout my recovery. I am back fighting in the octagon and my shoulder is solid. I would highly recommend Dr. Mora, especially if you are a high level athlete.”

Steve A. Mora, MD Shoulder Dislocation Specialist

“I saw Dr Mora for my ACL tear. He went over all the options. At first I tried rehab but my knee went out again on the soccer field. Dr. Mora did a anatomical reconstruction using my own patella tendon. Prior to having surgery I read about this procedure and learned that it is state of the art. The surgery center was very professional and my surgery went great. After surgery he sent me to a great therapist. After about 8 months I was able to train hard again.”

Google Places Reviewer

“Healthgrades Recognized Doctors designation identifies leading doctors who are board certified in the specialty they practice; have never had their license restricted or revoked; have no malpractice claims; and are free of state or federal disciplinary actions.”

“Dr. Mora was able to figure out my knee problem after my previous work comp doctor failed. He spent a lot of time with me and did a very detailed exam. Great doctor.”

“Dr Mora is an excellent doctor and has been my choice of surgeon for almost 10 years. He spends the time and makes sure I understand the exact nature of the injury and treatment recommended. All of Doctor Mora’s treatments have worked perfectly. Knee replacement, orthoscopy knee surgeries, trigger finger surgery, galion cyst surgery, all successful with full recovery. Dr Mora is also a caring person and gives back to the society with a smile on his face.”

“Dr. Mora operated on my ankle. I had a cartilage tear. My university professors could not figure out what was causing my pain and swelling. I suffered for months. I was referred to Dr. Mora by another patient who thought highly of him. Dr. Mora did a comprehensive evaluation like no other. He nailed down the diagnosis with confidence. He operated on my ankle using minimally invasive techniques. 3 months later I was cured. I believe he is the best surgeon in Orange County. Even better then my university professors.”

Christine M.

“Excellent Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in sports and MMA injuries.  I’ve seen him several times over the years and he always spends time discussing the injury/issue with me before the exam and is gracious and kind about answering all my questions no matter how silly they may seem. I feel lucky to know Dr. Mora and appreciate the patience and focus he gives to me in each visit.”

C.G.Hollywood, CA

“Dr. Mora is an excellent surgeon and has a wonderful bedside manner.  I was very apprehensive of surgery but he was very calming and put me at ease.  Everything worked out beautiful.  I highly recommend him. I had my surgery just 1 1/2 weeks ago and my knee is healing.  I expect to be chasing my three kids around the house again very shortly!

Anyone who has complaints about any wait time will realize once they are seen that any wait is worth it.  The reason there is a wait time is that he spends as much time with you as you need to make sure that you are treated appropriately and get ALL your questions answered.  I would wait all day for a doctor like that :-)”

R.K.Brawley, CA

“Dr Mora is someone I would recommend  I am the wife of one of his patient and I interview Dr Mora prior to him seeing my husband.  He did not hesitation in giving me his experience in knee surgery and in how many surgery he done on knees and  how long he been a doctor in this field and what hospital he is associated with I was very satisfy with his answers.

How many doctors  do you know would take the time to answers these questions and not feel belittle by a layperson questioning his experience!

His Office staff members are highly professional and very helpful and I am thankful to them.
But most of all I am thankful that Dr. Mora was my husband doctor because my husband is walking now and able to go back to work. I thank the lord for giving Dr. Mora this talent and his caring attitude toward his patients.”

Wife of C.S.Huntington Beach, CA

“Dr Mora is a very very excellent doctor He took his time with me and I know that is very hard to find a doctor who will sit with you and discuss your medical needs to the extend he goes through.

Doctor Mora after seeing my x- rays he then show them to me and started to explain to me the necessary procedure to repair such damage he even went so far as to draw a diagram for me to show were exactly the damage was and it turn out it  was worse than what he saw on the x-ray you never know how bad your injury is until it is repair.
This doctor I would recommend very highly he really cares about his patients he does not make you feel like you just visited a $10 HMO doctor  in a revolving door and we all know those doctors.

I understand why the wait time was a little longer than usual it because he is getting your whole picture of medical needs and wants to make sure you fully understand
the surgery you are going to go through and when you go for follow up you see your doctor not a physician assistance  who job is to get your out ASAP. Dr Mora still give you the same care and discussion on your healing after surgery.  So I am glad I waited the extra time to see him.   Is this not what we all seek in all of are doctors you cannot fine a better caring and understanding doctor than Dr. Steve A Mora I am walking and feeling better because of him  I just wish he could be my primary doctor.”

C.S.Huntington Beach, CA

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