Wilfredo dijo en Yelp sobre Steve A. Mora, MD Cirujano Ortopedico: COMENTARIO A MI OPERACION A LA RODILLA
La experiencia que tuve el 15 de Enero del ano 2015 con motivo de una cirugia a mi rodilla derecha (transplante total de rodilla), fue una de las experiencias mas positivas, importantes e insolitas de mi vida y la comparto con ustedes  porque  quizas podria servirles  como  referencia.
En el  ano 2012 tuve una operacion de reemplazo parcial en mi rodilla izquierda, esta experiencia fue bastante negative desde el punto de vista del dolor que senti despues de despertar de la anestesia. Realmente  es algo dificil de describer , el dolor era insoportable y empeze a tomar  medicina para el dolor  en forma continua. Esta experiencia la vivi  los tres dias posteriores  a la operacion, despues de los cuales pude controlar el dolor con los medicamentos .
En Enero del   2015 tuve un problema similar  en la rodilla derecha  por lo cual  consulte  a mi doctor  primario Dr Alex Zand del hospital Saint Joseph quien me refirio al especialista Orthopedista  Dr  Steve Mora localozado en la ciudad de Orange CA para que me revise la rodilla. El Dr Mora me hizo la revision del caso y me comunico que la radiografia y el auscultamiento recomendaban que me hiciera  un transplante total de rodilla.
Tenia cierto temor por la dificil experiencia pasada durante la primera operacion en el ano 2012, pero  despues que el Dr Mora me dio las explicaciones del caso,  sumados a su actitud y confianza que  mostraban ser una persona  de amplia experiencia, tome la decision de aceptar se me haga la operacion.
Grande fue mi sorpresa cuando al despertar  de la anesthesia no sentia ningun dolor,  y me mantuve en ese estado durante los  tres dias siguientes.  Esta experiencia fue tan positive que me obligo  decirle al Dr Mora que tenia manos milagrosas, me era dificil aceptar que habia despertado y no sentia ningun tipo de dolor, el cual empezo a aparecer despues de tres dias pero fue facilmente controlado por los medicamentos.
Despues de la operacion, asisti al tratamiento de fisioterapia durante  45 dias (en varias sesiones)  y pude observer como a medida que pasaban los dias recuperaba  la movilidad, y despues de 2 meses  podia  desplazarme y realizar mis actividades diarias con ciertas limitaciones.  Ahora despues de 4 meses  me desempeno  en forma normal y sin ningun problema;  puedo notar que la operacion no ha dejado  ningun efecto secundario en mi pierna derecha,y  tampoco en mi persona.
Esta positiva experiencia  personal  y el humanismo del Dr Steve Mora,  me impulsan a recomendar al Dr Steve Mora como un profesional de amplia trayectoria en el campo de la medicina orthopedica a quien pueden hablar con amplia sinceridad y confianza.
Si desean comunicarse con el Dr. Steve  Mora, pueden hacerlo llamando  al telefono  (714)639-3750.
PD.- Si tiene alguna pregunta en relacion a mi experiencia personal como paciente, pueden llamarme al telefono (562)381-5249 con gusto contestare a sus preguntas

Steve A. Mora, MD Cirujano Ortopedico

Alfonso dijo en Yelp sobre Steve A. Mora, MD Cirujano Ortopedico en Orange County: Padeciendo por varios meses de artritis muy desarrollada en mi mano, derecha y haber tratado con otros doctores que me curaban, temporalmente, fui referido por un gran amigo al Dr. STEVE MORA quien me dio una cita inmediatamente y luego de unas preguntas y Rayos X, el Dr. Mora despues de explicarmeme, mi condición me recomendo una cirujia que la hizo inmeditamente en su bien equipada y moderna clínica hace aproximadamente  40 dias, la cual fue muy éxitosa por lo cual le estoy muy agradecida por que realmente no pensaba que podría recuperar, mi mano más necesitada, la derecha.
Hoy me encuentro sumamente recuperada, y  recomiendo altamente por ser un excelente medico– cirujano y muy humanitario, de haber viajado a otros países, dando sus servicios gratuitos a la gente más necesitada y sin recursos.
También quiero resaltar que se preocupa de sus pacientes como si fueran familiares.
Muy agradecido Dr. Mora y que Dios lo bendiga por ser un excelente ser humano y un excelente profesional.

Steve A. Mora, MD Cirujano Ortopedico en Orange County

Jackie said on Yelp regarding Steve A. Mora, MD Clavicle Fracture Specialist:  After disappointing news and almost no help from two of the most famous orthopedic surgeons in OC, I found Dr. Mora. He is optimistic about my case and I feel confident on going through a possible surgery with him. He listened to me carefully and answered all my questions in details. He is very knowledgeable and up to date on more advanced procedures and new methods. I am getting treatment for a non-union fracture, something that many doctors try to avoid. He explained all the risks but he is confident about doing a surgery on me. Other doctors recommended living with a broken bone since this isn’t an easy surgery for them. He recommended a very good PT which is helping me a lot. The administration is super helpful and friendly. Definitely worth the wait time

Steve A. Mora, MD Clavicle Fracture Specialist

Jay B said on Yelp regarding Dr. Mora Orange County Orthopedic Surgeon: I had an 830am appointment so hardly enough time to fall way behind.   But I didn’t see the Doctor until 945am.  I had read previous reviews and so I was expecting this could happen to me also, but had hoped my early morning appointment time would hedge against this.  I kept an open mind because most yelp reviews seemed to describe the wait as worth it. The front desk staff was nice and courteous. Dr. Mora was very nice and highly professional.    He took a long look at the MRI and X ray I brought him and did a thorough job evaluating the injury to my left knee. He doesn’t jump into surgery, which I like….   and we did a cortisone injection today with a plan for what the next steps are going to be. He gave me a cortisone injection in the knee.   I can honestly say that this was the least painful injection I have ever experienced. Update:  12 days later knee still feels good and i will start my rehab soon. I would say that the reviews are pretty accurate.   You may have to wait a while so schedule 2 hours for an appointment, but the quality of care will never be in doubt.   He took his time with me and patiently answered all my questions.    I assume he does the same for others,  which is why the wait can mount

Steve A. Mora, MD Orange County Orthopedic Surgeon

Ashley said on Yelp Regarding Steve Mora, MD Fracture Specialist in Orange County: I had broken my collarbone and had gone to Dr. Mora for a second opinion and couldn’t have been happier with him and his office. I needed surgery and he was able to squeeze me in the next day and my recovery was seamless. Having been very concerned about the severity of the scar, I couldn’t be anymore impressed with how it turned out. It’s barely visible. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mora! He’s great!

Steve A. Mora, MD Fracture Specialist in Orange County

Tami O. said on Yelp:

Dr Mora did the makoplasty surgery for partial knee replacement. Its only been 6 weeks.  I was up walking within a few days. Yes did home  therphy. Yes there is some discomfort and pain. No pain no gain i just want my life back so I can hike and bike.
I trust him enough that i may have to get my other knee done and yes i will be going back on yo see dr mora,  I did have a wait but not the first visit.  i think it just because of the new office getting organized.

Steve Mora, MD Makoplasty Robotic Knee Surgery

Orange County PRP and Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis:   The following is a patient testimonial regarding PRP and Stem cell injection treatment for arthritis of the knee.  The adult stem cells are derived from bone marrow taken from the pelvis.   Dr. Mora utilizes a bone marrow aspiration technique which is very comfortable, safe and efficient.   Dr. Mora offers patients both surgical and non surgical options for the treatment of knee arthritis.  Dr. Mora is a knee specialist in Orange County who specializes in athletic and combat injuries of the shoulder, knee, elbow, and hip

Sergio posted on Yelp:
I would like to highly recommend Dr. Mora. He operated on my nephew’s shoulder in less than 3 moths, my nephew was surfing again and stronger than ever.  For over ten years, I had a bad shoulder so when finally I decided to operate the shoulder, I had Dr. Mora perform the operation. After the operation, my shoulder felt good, during the first three months, I never felt any pain. Two years later, my right shoulder is better then my “good” shoulder. I should have done it years before.  I live in China. I had two knee operations on my left knee. After the second one, my knee never felt normal. It felt like there was still something wrong. I went to see Dr. Mora.  He examined me and listen to what my goals were for my life style physical activity. He talked to me about the various options available. He recommended a Stem Cell shot.  I read all the material he provided and decided to get the stem cell shot. Afterwards, the first week my knee felt tight. When it went away, my knee felt better than the past 20 years. It now feels normal like before the first operation.

I highly recommend DR. Mora as he cares about the patient’s life style and will try to do everything to make it a reality. So if you need an Orthopedic Surgeon, do your research, get the various opinions and lastly go see Dr. Mora. He will tell you what you need and not what is the easiest solution for someone else.

Patient Testimonial: Orange County PRP and Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis

Mark posted on Yelp regarding Steve A. Mora, MD Orange County Shoulder Specialist:  “Dr. Mora came highly recommended from a Dr that treats UFC fighters after injury.  I was told by the Dr that Dr Mora “saves professional athletes careers” and that he is the man to go to.  I sustained a peck major tear during a fight.  After the MRI, I visited Dr Mora for his recommendation.  Mora read the MRI report and didn’t agree with what the doctor had diagnosed. Dr. Mora wasn’t seeing what the doctor had written in his findings.  Dr. Mora called the Dr and the 2 conversed for some time.  Mora ordered a 2nd MRI and Mora’s diagnoses was correct.  Surgery went extremely well.  My scar is minimal because the manor in which he made the incision and sutured it closed.  He also made the incision in my underarm crease so it is nearly invisible.  The complete process was amazing and I highly recommend Dr Mora if your injured.”

Steve A. Mora, MD Orange County Shoulder Specialist

Ruby said on Yelp regarding Steve A. Mora, MD Knee Specialist: “I was referred to  Dr. Mora for chronic knee pain.  I had thought for years that I needed a new one but Dr. Mora convinced me otherwise.  He was very patient and thorough and understanding of my many concerns and complaints.  He shared with me my x-rays and MRI results and now I know why my knee acts the way it does.  It will never be perfect but now my knee feels better and I know how to keep it going that way.  Thanks Dr. Mora.”

Steve A. Mora, MD Knee Specialist

Matthew said on Yelp regarding Steve A. Mora MD Sportsmedicine Specialist:  “My whole experience with Dr Mora was awesome and I couldn’t be happier.  I was injured at work (detached pectoral) and I was anxious to get back as soon as possible.  I thought it would take forever to get a surgery date, but Dr Mora operated the next week.  The surgery was great, and the recovery was easy.  He called my house several times to check on my status.  The post-op treatment was perfect.  He didn’t rush the process even though I tried (hahaha).  Dr Mora made sure I was completely ready before I returned to work.  He listened to every concern I had. It should be noted a little google research or visit to his lobby will show you what a generous and charitable man he is.  Dr Mora truly cares about people, and the health of those less fortunate. If I ever need surgery again, I will definitely seek out Dr Mora.”

Steve A. Mora MD Sportsmedicine Specialist

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